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Jaina Solo
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Kyp Durron

At the age of 18, Kyp blew a whole starsystem up. At that time, he was controlled by the ghost of Exar Kun, a Sith. After Exar Kun was destroyed, Kyp came back to the light side and regretted detroying Carida. The New Rebulic under the leadership of Leia forgave him for stealing the sunhammer, blowing Carida up and deleting Qwi Xux' memory. After a fight against the fleet of Admiral Daala, Kyp destroyed one of her Star Destroyers and the sunhammer. He was able to escape.

In the Yuuzhan Vong war, Kyp lead the pilots under his command, his "Dozen", very aggressively against the Vong, although he lost his squadron several times.
Through a trick he made Jaina and the fleet of the New Republic attack a Vong worldship.
Jaina became his apprentice after she fell to the dark side and became Yun-Harla.

Kyp became a very good leader during the war.
He also started to love Jaina, though he realized that Jaina loved Jag and drew back, now acting as her mentor and friend.

Kyp Durron

Exar Kun

Jagged Fel

Jag is the son of Baron Soontir Fel, the former leader of the 501. imperial fighter squadron (the best squadron the Imperium ever had), and Syal Antilles, Wedge Antilles sister.
He's a great pilot and had to earn his rang (colonel) between the Chiss, a military race in the unknown regions.

He first met Jaina at Ithor, then they didn't see each others for about two years. They met again at Hapan, where Jaina felt her affection for him again. At Borleias, they shared their first kiss and were a pair almost to the end of the war. But when Jag asked her to marry him, she told him that she needed more time.


After escaping from his homeplanet, Zekk lived on the lower levels of Coruscant together with his friend Peckhum. He also became a close friend of the Solo twins.

He was captured by Brakiss and brought to the Shadow Academy. There he was trained in the force and became a dark knight. He attacked Kashyyk and Yavin 4 and on both planets he fought against Jaina. But finally he returned to the light side.

After this experience, he was very careful to use the light side of the force.
Jaina first noticed his love for her during the mission to Myrkr, where they both fought against the vong.

Jagged Fel


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