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Jaina Solo
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Chapter 2

Mara woke up with a big headache, but far more surprising was the white room she was in, and the white bed she was laying on.

I hate hospitals! She thought.
Why can't they use different colors?! That white is totally boring.
She grinned. Maybe that's why people die in here, this color kills them. Green is much better.

She looked around and found a worried looking Luke Skywalker sitting on a chair near her, wearing a set of pajamas.


"I'm glad your finally awake. You has me scared when you collapsed-"
"I collapsed?"
"Yes, when you came back from the training program you are leading."

The disease, it must have attacked me again.

"Mara, I don't want you to continue with the training. It's too dangerous, your body can't fight against the disease any longer if you keep running yourself dry. Please... Reconsider?"

"No!" Mara stared at her husband angrily, bright fire burning in her eyes.
"I won't surrender to this disease! I'm not that weak!"

Luke sighed. He know he couldn't win against her, she was too stubborn.

Like her apprentice. Wait! Jaina, that's it.

"Please, if you want to keep it up, skip a few lessons. You can't do it everyday, but maybe every second would be a good solution. Jaina can also only come every second because of her flight lessons with the rouges."

Mara bit her lips. She didn't want to skip any of the lessons, but her body could really use a rest.

And my son. I can't risk his health.

She nodded slowly.
"But I still don't like it, Skywalker."
"I know, but you don't have to."

While they walked back to their quarters, Luke wondered about the disease. Why did it attack now?

Usually this only happens when Vong are near...


Jaina still ran around the following days with a big happiness inside of her. Her friends did notice something different about her, Jaina had begun to act strange, doing things she hadn't before. But yet she seemed to be very relaxed, more patient than ever and seemed to have found inner peace.

She felt like a butterfly; one time she even went down a corridor humming. Well, usually that's not a catastrophe, but at that time a young lieutenant suddenly appeared from a side corridor and stared at her in astonishment as she went by.


Jaina sat at a table in her parent's apartment on the Ralroost, looking at her brother. Anakin sat across her and had just finished his lunch, a terrible self-made soup.
Both looked serious, neither showed any emotions.
Slowly Jaina leaned forwards without flinching and continued to come closer to the 14 years old boy. She just wanted to know how he would react.

If he ever would react.

Moving very slowly, Anakin lifted his hands, formed a gun with them and shot his sister without blinking.


Jaina went down the corridor to the pilot's quarters happily.
She had finished her flight training for the day as one of the best and was quite satisfied.
But one big question still remained and hunted her since she had woken up.

Should she tell him?

Yes, he deserves to know. She thought.
No, better don't tell him.
Maybe I should...
Maybe, but how do I tell him about my feelings? I can't just run to him and say: "Hi Kyppie, I've fallen in love with you. How do you feel about me?" Kriff!


Five mintes later she was in her room and still hadn't found an answer.
Anni Captson's, her wingmates voice cut through her thoughts.
"Wanna come and play sabbacc with me against Colonel Darklighter?"
Jaina laughed. "He has enough Jedi friends to know he can't win."
"We'll see." Challenged Anni her smilingly.

" does one tell the person he loves about his feelings?"
"Ah! Now I know what's up with you!" Anni grinned. "I'm not sure, but I've heard it's easier to write it down. Why don't you try a letter?"
Jaina burst into a smile and hugged her friend. It felt like a good idea.

"Then let's go!" Anni exclaimed and took Jaina's hand. They left their room together, ready to make Colonel Darklighter a poor man.


Later that evening, Jaina stared at the datapad on her desk. She was sure this was a good idea, but she simply couldn't find the words to express her feelings.

"Dear Kyp"? No! To formal. She deleted it.

"Hi Kyp?" No. Sounds more like it would have been written to a friend, not someone I love. Jaina pressed the clear button again.

"Kyppie"? Forget it. He'll kill you for that nickname.


She looked around in her room, hoping to find the missing words there.
But she could only see the two beds, her's and Anni's, two chairs, the desk, a lamp and a cupboard for their clothes. No words hanging in the air and telling her what to write.

She sighed. Anni came to her quietly and started to massage her back. Jaina leaned back and tried to relax. Looking up at Anni's face, she whispered sadly:
"I don't know what to write, Anni. Can you help me?"
"I'm afraid I can't. That's a thing only between you and the man you love. I'm sorry."

Jaina stared at the blank datapad.
"Maybe I should find another way to tell him or maybe I should just wait and see whether he feels something for me at all."

"Do you want to tell me about him?" Anni asked softly.
"Yes, I think I want to."

Then Jaina started to tell her about Kyp, the rouge but yet so kind Jedi. She told Anni about his smile which had caught her heart and about his brilliant green eyes, in which she always got lost when she looked at him.

When she had finished, Anni was quiet for a long time.

Then she smiled. "I'm so happy for you, Jaina. You deserve someone good." She said in a low, moved voice.

"Oh Anni!" Jaina exclaimed and jumped up to embrace the young woman.
"Thank you!" she whispered.
But despite what Anni had told her, Jaina felt bad. Too bad for Kyp; he deserved a better person.

The warm feeling inside her chest turned to a cold knot. - a homepage about Jaina Solo