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Jaina Solo
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Traest Kre'fey looked from Jaina to Jacen and back again.
"I must say", he said,"that the two of you belong to the most interesting family."



Jacen, Jaina's twin, is connected with her through the force. The Yuuzhan Vong associate him with Yun-Yammka, the slayer. This god is the twin of Yun-Harla.


Leia was the leader of the New Republic for a few years and therefore she had no time when Jaina needed her help. That's why Jaina was later very angry with her mother, but that ended with rescueing Leia at Duro.

Although Leia is not trained with the Force, she felt Anakin's death while she was on Coruscant. After hours of pain, she calmed down and fought with Han against the Vong.

She also felt that Jacen didn't die, she still believed he was alive although many other Jedi thought that he was dead.


Mara was Jaina's teacher. She is the only one who ever understood Jaina. She has one child, Ben.


Anakin Skywalker, once a innocent slave from Tatooine, became the most-fearest man in the galaxy. Though he was redeemed from the dark side, it cost his life.


Anakin was a born hero, but he died on the mission on Myrkr. His death caused Jaina's fall to the Dark Side.


Han hasn't got the force. Chewie's death alienated him from his family, but he has learned from it. When Anakin died, he stayed and fought with Leia.

When she told him that Jacen didn't die he believed her, yet he was very releived when it proved to be right.


Luke is the great Jedi Master, the founder of the Jedi Order. A pacifist at heart, only Anakin's death encouraged him to fight against the Vong.


Ben Skywalker is Mara's and Luke's only child. His parents tried to protect him from all the bad emotions which he could sense through the force during the Yuuzhan Vong war.


Padmé was the queen of Naboo and later a senator of the old rebublic. When Obi-Wan told her that Anakin had fallen to the dark side, she didn't believe it, but she had to face the truth. She died after her twins were born.


Thrackan is unpopular with the rest of his family. Through Centerpoint, he destroyed half of the allied Hapan fleet.
He also tried several times to take control of the Corellia system. - a homepage about Jaina Solo