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Jaina Solo
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Chapter 5

Tenel Ka and Jacen made their way to the docking bay in silence. Jacen was still positively surprised about Tenel Ka’s action, but he was only disappointed she had let go of his arm afterwards. He glanced at her secretly.
Was it just friendship or maybe more?

He adored her since he had seen her first; the young wild girl from Dathomir, with her shimmering reptilian armor and her red hair flying around her as she had stepped out of the ship which had brought her to Yavin IV.
Later he had accidentally cut her arm off, but it had only made his love towards her stronger.
He just feared he could never be with her because of her royal heritage.

His train of thought was interrupted as they reached the docking bay. In the middle of it lay a small Hapan ship. Jacen was puzzled to see it, he had thought the bodyguards had merely been an excuse; he should have known it. Tenel Ka was always honest.
She marched straight to it and bowed gracefully to a beautiful woman who had just stepped outside.

“Inaril. Welcome to the Ralroost. It’s good to see you again, but tell me, why are you here?” she asked the woman as direct as ever.
Prinzessin, seid gegrüßt.” Inaril said with a short glance at Jacen, who stood nearby in a dark Jedi-robe.
Wir sind hier auf Wunsch---
“Please speak in basic; Jedi Solo is trustworthy. Whatever it is you have to tell me, you can also tell him.” Tenel Ka interrupted her sharply.
At her words, Jacen made a step forwards and bowed slightly.

“I’m sorry, Jacen. My people don’t trust Jedi. This is Inaril, her mother is one of my mothers bodyguards.“ Tenel Ka apologized to him and then nodded at Inaril. The woman hesitated but finally bowed politely at him and said: “I beg your pardon for my behavior. You belong to a glorious and honorable family, you deserve my respect.
We were sent to protect you, princess Tenel Ka.” She said to the younger woman.
“Your parents were worried and decided to send me with a group of elite bodyguards for your protection. We’ll do whatever you want.”

“I didn’t ask for protection, my parents know I’m quite capable of defending myself.” Tenel Ka said annoyed.

Her new bodyguard didn’t answer, only bowed deeply.
“You may go.” Tenel Ka allowed her. Through the force, Jacen could feel the woman’s relief and suppressed a grin.

Tenel Ka turned at him, a frustrated expression on her usually so emotionless face. Jacen only took her hand and squeezed it softly.
“I’m sure we’ll find a way to get rid of them.” He flashed her his Solo-grin.
Tenel Ka smiled amused and side-by-side they went to their apartments.
Their self-defense would start soon and Tenel Ka was satisfied she had managed to distract Jacen from his dark thoughts before it. He also wasn’t pale anymore, a good sign she decided.


Jaina felt a burst of joy as she entered the training room and saw Kyp standing there in his pompous black cloak. She knew she’d probably train with someone else, but she didn’t care. Only seeing him made the fear, which her vision had caused, melt away.
Her heart did a happy jump as he greeted her.
The feelings were so strong that Jacen, standing at the other end of the room, turned away from his talk with Tenel Ka and Tahiri and looked at her with his mouth hanging open.

He glanced from Kyp to her and back.
Kyp?! He mouthed astonished.
Psst! Don’t tell anyone. Jaina sent him with the force.

With a look at Tenel Ka, who hadn’t noticed what was going on and still spoke with Tahiri, he replied through their bond:

Then you also don’t tell her!
‘Kay! Jaina replied and exchanged a conspirator look.


At night, Jaina woke up because of a blinding light right above her head.
“Jaina, wake up. You had a nightmare.” Anni said worried, sitting on her bed and leaning over to her.

Jaina hadn’t noticed she had cried in her sleep, but now that she had woken up, she saw the pictures of her scary vision again.
“I’m fine, Anni. It’s okay, just a bad dream. Try to catch some sleep.” She said as calm as she could as she had finally herself under control.

Anni didn’t look convinced, but turned the light off and went back to her bed.

She laid there for a long time, thinking about this “bad dream”. She feared everything that could make Jaina so afraid.


Jaina woke up abruptly a second time. She sat up and frowned. That wasn’t the vision...
She stretched out into the force and finally found the source of her headache and what had caused her to wake up.

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