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Jaina Solo
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Chapter 8

Ean Ku alias Lieutenant Akenu suppressed the desire to hit the infidel security officer in his face.

“What do you mean with that?”
“What part of “only Jedi” do you not understand?” The officer countered angrily. “Only Jedi are allowed the leave the Ralroost, all others will stay here.” He explained again, blocking Ean’s way to the Jade Saber and the rest of the docking bay.

Ean Ku tried to calm down. If the Jeedai had left, he would have no chance of reaching them again and killing Mara Jade. Unfortunately he had found out about their departure too late.
He could still try to kill her before she left, but with all these security officers and bodyguards around, it proved to be tricky.

Slowly he turned around and headed for his quarters. He needed to contact his fellows.


Jaina dragged her stuff through the corridors towards the Saber. She was already late, so she attempted to run, but her suit case and her bag were very heavy.
She hurried around the last corner almost jogging and bumped right into a lieutenant, who fell over her suitcase and landed with his face in the next wall.
“Oh, I’m terribly sorry!” She said, but had no time. Her parents had already called her via commlink that she was more than half an hour too late, so she just had a look at him, made sure he was okay and then continued towards the docking bay.
If she had stayed, she would have seen how his ooglith mask peeled away.


“I’ll miss you.” Anni said sadly.
“I’ll miss you too.” Jaina said and embraced her. They stood there for a few minutes, arms around each other. Jaina briefly wondered when they had come so close.

Anakin came over quietly and took her stuff to the Saber. She flew with her aunt and uncle, he with their parents and other Jedi on the Falcon. The third ship in their small fleet was the hapanian ship of the bodyguards.

After Anakin was out of ear-shot, Anni whispered: “One little advice. It’s a lot easier if you ask him for a date first. You don’t have to tell him your feelings, just ask whether he would like to meet you.”
“Thanks, Anni. I won’t forget you.”
“Will you come back?”
“I’m still a member of the military, I have to.” Jaina grinned and finally loosened from the young woman.
Jaina stepped back, then turned around and went to the Saber’s ramp. Before she closed it, she waved at Anni, who stood in safe distance from the starting ship.

Jaina went to the cockpit and sat down on a chair behind her aunt and uncle. After they had finished the start sequence, the Saber took off and headed for the stars.


Ean cursed once more. Because of this stupid Solo girl his shoulder and one leg were broken. At least she hadn’t seen his real face.

But now, everything was too late. He hadn’t known by the time he had his talk with the security officer that Mara Jade was already on her ship.

Furious, he hobbled to the next turbolaser station.
There he waited till the Jade Saber had left the docking bay and aimed for the cockpit.

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