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Jaina Solo
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Chapter 9

Ean Ku tried it again.
Still nothing.
This infidel machine refused to fire!

Furious, Ean hammered with his hands on the turbolaser control panel, ignoring the pain it caused in his shoulder.

And of course it couldn’t work, with Ean having sabotaged it.
“Aaaaaargh!” He screamed in pure hate, giving the machine a final kick with his good leg.

Bang! Sounded it loud through the silence of the ship.

“Is there someone?” A voice suddenly asked. It came from the corridor leading to the turbolaser station; probably the voice of one of the security officers.

Ean Ku cursed and whirled around to look for a chance to escape.

His eyes were drawn towards to the lights in the small station. He didn’t know why, but the infidels had installed them right over the door, a long duct with a metal holder backside.
That was all he needed.
Carefully, so that his broken leg wouldn’t crack under him, he made his way to the right side of the door and reached out to grab the side of the metal holder with his left hand, climbing on a nearby panel with his good leg.
Somehow he managed to pull himself up and on the duct; despite from a nasty crack from his shoulder and the duct bending slightly downwards.
Ean kneeled on it, the sharp claws on his hands glittering dangerously in the pale light.

The infidel had reached the station now on his search for the noise’s source. Lucky for him he merely stuck his head through the door, shook his head and with that, was gone.

Ean exhaled sharply; relieved that Yun-Harla, the trickster goddess, was still smiling upon him.

More falling than climbing down, he landed hard on the floor, but was able to drag himself back to his rooms unseen.

Outside the ship, between the brilliant stars, a small Jedi-fleet made it’s jump to hyperspace; into safety.


The way to Coruscant took a few days; days in which Jaina had the best time of her live.

“Hi!” A voice said softly near her left ear, causing Jaina to jump up from the copilot seat in the Saber’s cockpit. While her aunt and uncle were eating somewhere deeper inside the ship, she had offered to have a look on the ship controls. In fact, she had wanted to think about the person who was standing right beside her now.

“Oh. Hi Kyp!” She aspirated, still surprised to see him.
“I thought you would be with my father on the Falcon.”

“No, I’ve decided to spend some time with Master Skywalker; having some serious Jedi-Master talks…” He winked at her and dropped into the pilot’s chair. Jaina smirked as she imagined Mara’s reaction if she knew Kyp had been sitting on her chair.
“You know, philosophing about the ways of the force and such things.” He grinned at her. Jaina was happy she was already sitting; her legs got so weak underneath her she could have never stood on them.

“Why have you come to the cockpit?” She couldn’t stop herself from asking.
“Because it’s a lot more fun with you and I really don’t want to be around Mara, her tongue is sharp enough to cut me into pieces.”
Jaina laughed; that was a perfect description of her aunt and master.

Later she couldn’t remember how they had come to the topic, but they had been joking and laughing very hard about Corran’s favorite Starjedi cereals (the ones in lightsaber shape) and talked about how it had come that Kyp knew all about the different tastes of them. He also revealed that the other Jedi-Master only ate the green ones, while Valin had to eat all others and regularly had stomach troubles. Mirax didn’t want thousands of opened cereal packs, she only bought one when the other one was empty, what had led to Corran forcing Valin to eat at least twice as much as his father – a day!
After that, they had a wonderful time backbiting about politicians, especially Borsk Feyl’la and co., then discussed the advantages and disadvantages of younger siblings.

Every time Jaina looked into his deep, green eyes, she felt like she was being pulled into them, drowning in them; but she had never been this happy. Her heart was bound even tighter to him with every second she was around Kyp.

She had never felt so free.


The force was filled with the cry, burning the word deep into Jaina’s sleeping mind.
She immediately jumped up and ran in her pajama to her aunt’s and uncle’s rooms. At her aunt’s bed, she sank down and took Mara’s hands. They were as cold as ice. Worried, the girl looked at Luke, who had been calling Mara through the force, trying to get any signs of life from his wife.

“Go, Jaina. You’ll have to fly the Saber now; we should come out of hyperspace in a minute. Please, go.”
“No!” Jaina screamed desperated.
“Please, you can’t help here.” With that, Luke returned his full attention to his unconscious wife and wrapped her into the force, strengthening her as good as he could.

Biting her lips, Jaina went to the cockpit. Kyp already sat there, but tactfully merely in the copilot’s seat; having heard the cry in the force but knowing he couldn’t do anything to help.
With a sigh, Jaina plopped into the pilot chair and managed to get the Saber out of hyperspace in time.

In front of her eyes lay Coruscant; bright lights shining everywhere on it’s surface, even now that it was night.

Home. Jaina thought. Though she hadn’t been there very often and her quarters on the Ralroost were more home to her, Coruscant would always be the place where she’d been born. The place where a little, innocent girl named Jaina had played with her brothers and friends, before the war had come and shattered her family all across he stars.

She blinked tiredly, all adrenalin burned and suddenly so tired she couldn’t see clearly; Coruscant becoming a big, white dot.

Kyp must have sensed something, cause he took the controls and set course for the capital.
“You can go back to sleep now, I’ll land the Saber.” He assured her.
“Master Skywalker said I should fly.” Jaina objected only half-hearted, but yawned long and fell quiet.


“Is she asleep?” Luke asked quietly a few minutes later, as the Saber prepared to land.
“Yes.” Kyp whispered.

Jaina laid sleeping peacefully in the pilot chair, a blanket Kyp had levitated out of her room with the force draped over her body and breathing steadily.

“Good. Please don’t wake her.”
“What happened?” Kyp asked, almost afraid to know the answer.
“No need to worry, Mara had a dizzy spell but will recover soon.”

As he saw Kyp’s relief, Luke’s heart filled with warmth. Although the younger man had often disobeyed his orders, he still seemed to care much, even for his wife who had been very critical towards him. He was a good boy, in spite of everything.
Turning around, Luke gave him a grateful smile and headed back to his wife.
He didn’t fear leaving Kyp alone with his sleeping niece; he knew she would be safe.

In the darkness of the cockpit, Kyp watched over Jaina; silently guarding her. - a homepage about Jaina Solo