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Jaina Solo
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Chapter 10

The cockpit was wrapped in silence, only the low breathing of the young, sleeping woman in the pilot seat was audible.
The youngster came in quietly, not even turning on the lights in the totally black room. Somehow he seemed to know where everything was.
He reached the seat with the sleeping woman and gently lifted her up, her head resting on his shoulder.
Carrying her on his strong arms, he almost jumped up in shock as he came out of the elegant yacht.

“Anakin! Help me carry my bags!” Tahiri screamed without mercy through the docking bay on Coruscant.
So much for silence…. Anakin thought. Okay, and how do I get Jaina to her room?
“Anakin!” Tahiri shouted again, this time more urgent.
Seems I have no choice.

All others were busy with leaving the ships of the small Jedi-fleet without waking up the whole city, and only one of them had less enough bags or suitcases to carry his sleeping sister.


Okay, and what do I do with her now?
Kyp looked down at the girl, peacefully sleeping in his arms.

As if he had read his thoughts, Anakin said: “Just bring her to her room in my family’s quarters.”
Kyp sighed but nodded.
It could have been worse.

Or maybe it was.

As he came to the end of the docking bay and wanted to leave, Corran Horn, who stood there and fought with many bags, looked up.
“If you’ve kidnapped her, then…” He said, voice dangerously low.
“Don’t worry, I have Anakin’s brotherly admission.” Kyp tried to assure him, but the other master still didn’t look too happy.

Kyp let his breath out relieved when he reached the Solo’s apartment. At least Mara Jade hadn’t seen him. He didn’t even want to imagine her reaction to him carrying her niece.

He used the force to send a nudge to the women inside.

Leia was already in the apartment and busy with unpacking her things; she smiled gratefully at him as she opened the door.

“Oh, Kyp! That’s a surprise. I had sent Anakin for her.”
“He had to help Tahiri, so I did it.” Kyp replied.
“How thoughtful of you!” Leia beamed at him.
Usually she was critically towards him, especially because he tended to do the exact opposite of what someone told him. But this time she couldn’t help but smile.
It was just too cute how he had laid his hands protective around her daughter and had carried her all the way carefully.

She let him to her room, where he placed Jaina on her bed. Leia frowned as she looked at her. It wasn’t normal for Jaina that she didn’t wake up when someone moved her.
Kyp whispered next to her: “She must be very exhausted and tired; she hasn’t slept well the past days.”

Leia nodded and followed him out, wondering how close Jaina and Kyp were that even he had noticed it.
Or maybe Kyp Durron was just more empathic than they had always thought.


Jaina woke up and felt good. She had slept wonderfully, no vision or nightmare bothering her.
Her bed was warm and soft and she still laid there a long time before finally getting up.

She changed her clothes and went into the kitchen to get some food.

Jacen came at the same moment from his own room and together they discussed what food to make with the synthesizer.
The twins sat down, both looking very relaxed and ate their food.

“How have you slept?” Jacen asked her after a few minutes.
Very good.” His sister answered. “You?”
“Good, too. You didn’t have a….” Jacen struggled, searching for the words to describe the feelings he felt from his twin every night. He shrugged.
“No, I didn’t.” Jaina replied calmly.
“By the way, how did I get into my room?”
“Oh, Anakin should have carried you, but had to help Tahiri and Kyp brought you back.”

Jaina’s heart made a jump in her chest, but she hid her joy behind some surprised blinks.
Jacen smiled at her knowingly.
“Seems he has a good influence on you, hasn’t he?”

Jaina mentally added it to the list of disadvantages of little brothers. They just knew you too good.


Later she sat on her bed, arms wrapped around angled legs. She sighed deeply.

I have to tell him, before it’s too late. But somehow, everytime I stand in front of him I’m afraid he’ll turn me down.

At least I know he won’t laugh.

But I want to live a life in peace, in a universe without war; and I want to live my life with him!

She sighed again.

What shall I do?
Oh, Anni! How I wish you could be her now to help me.


Why, why can’t I just go over and I ask him? Why am I not even brave enough to do it?
Jaina cursed her own weakness. She had a final look at Kyp after the training that day, then turned around and fled to her room.

And Tenel Ka hadn’t strangled her.

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