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Jaina Solo
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Chapter 12

Mara closed the door behind her and Tenel Ka.

“So, princess, can you tell me why the kriff you’ve sent me these bodyguards?” She asked, voice trembling as she tried to control her anger. “I’m not a baby; I can take care of myself.”
“I know, Master Jade, I’m sorry.” Tenel Ka hastily assured her.

Mara stared at her squinty eyed, her green eyes seemed to be burning into Tenel Ka’s soul and seeing through her.
The younger woman found it difficult to look into Mara’s eyes.
“Tell me now why you did it!” Mara snapped. I know you’ll be honest. You never lie. She mentally added.

Tenel Ka took a deep breath and wondered what she could say that wouldn’t cause Mara being mad at her.

“I had a dream…” She started, eyes fixed at a point in the air over Mara’s head.
“Would you please look at me?!” Mara almost exploded.
“…I felt a nameless danger threatening you…”
“…and because you had these bodyguards, you sent the whole bunch after me.” Mara finished.
Tenel Ka could tell she was still angry, but there was something in the way her eyes glimmered that told her the temperamental woman was more amused by the situation.

“And how come my husband is in cahoots with you?”
“I had my bodyguards checking your rooms and they found bugs. I just wanted to make sure you don’t talk about important things there.” Tenel Ka said.

“Okay. It seems that you had good reasons.” Mara admitted, anger slowly fading.
It’s possible that she has saved my child’s life with that…
“You can go now.”

Mara opened the door for Tenel Ka and let her through the training room, where Kyp was still stacking mats and Jaina waiting for her friend.
The girls left and Mara turned her attention to Kyp.

“Why does that take so long?” She wanted to know.
Kyp just rolled his eyes and lifted the last mat up.

Mara seriously considered throwing objects at him with the force to get rid of the last ire, but then decided against it.
“There is no emotion, there is peace…”
But, “there is no death, there is the force”…

Mara looked at Kyp’s back, and grinned furiously.
I’m a very bad girl…


Jaina was attacking Jacen again, kicking with her right leg towards his belly.

They had been repeating moves over the last lessons, which they had daily now, and learned how to connect the movements to deflect attacks. Now Jaina always had something up her sleeve when someone attacked her; and she knew from earlier lessons how she could counter.

I don’t even need to think about it, I just act when I find a gap in his defense.

Or I think I’ve found one…
She thought when her brother made a small step to the left, smiled at her, then pushed his shoulder against hers hard and send her to the ground.
But Jaina was ready.
She landed with her hands first and pushed herself up fast. Jacen’s victorious smile vanished as she kicked his legs away under him. He fell backwards, but before he even had a chance to react, Jaina was already standing over him and had him in a headlock, his head pressed under her right shoulder.

“That’s enough now.” Mara said and ended their fighting. “You can hit your brother again later.” She said and winked at them, then gave them their towels and a water bottle for each of them.

Jaina drank the cool water, feeling the clear liquid refreshing her.
She forced herself to look away from Kyp, who was training with Tahiri– and lost by a mile. The young girl seemed to have learned a lot about fighting from the Tusken Raiders.

Instead of watching them, Jaina went to her brother’s side, who was looking at Tenel Ka’s and Lowie’s fight.
Jaina was happy she had been training merely with her brother.

In the background, Valin Horn and Raynar were fighting rather carefully. Corran was standing nearby and tried to convince them to fight a bit harder and faster. He wasn’t that successfully.

The twins chatted a bit about their training, but soon Mara ended the lesson and sent them home.

As always, Kyp had to stack the mats.

Jaina gazed back at him, but then left with the others.
Give him time… She told herself, but couldn’t help feeling disappointed. Maybe doesn’t know when he has time for you yet.
Have patients.

Unfortunately I don’t have that much time before I’ll have to decide whether to leave for the Ralroost or not.
She sighed silently while following her friends home.
I really don’t want to make this decision now.


Jaina rubbed sweat from her face with her towel after training the next day. They had conditioning today and therefore she was totally exhausted and her hair a mess.
I look so un-alluring… She thought dryly.

Kyp came directly to her, the towel over his shoulder and a bottle in one hand, his dark shirt sticking to his body.
He looked just as exhausted as she felt. Somehow she was happy he wasn’t that different from her.

“Hi Jaina.” He said and smiled at her. “Do you have time tomorrow?”
Jaina was so astonished she almost forgot to answer. “1300?” She asked, afraid the time might not be okay for him.
“Okay. Then we’ll wine and dine. Nah, maybe that's not smart.” He grinned at her. “What about the nice restaurant near the park in the senate district?”
Jaina just nodded and hoped her cheeks weren’t burning.

The Jedi went home, but as soon as Kyp’s way separated from her own, Jaina found herself longing to see his smile again.
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