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Here are the reviews for Left Behind, taken from my thread at TFN, and a letter by my e-mum.


Yes, now I'm happy. And very skillful of you to avoid fights over the father

I liked the eternally young Jacen, and Jaina's "old" sister comment too. Most other places it would be frightening to have your uncle's ghost coming to visit occasionally, and that's why Star Wars is so cool, cause here it makes perfect sense.

A wonderful story, Congratulations. I look forward to reading more of your work.


I apologize for disappearing for the last few posts. You perfectly mimicked the YJK style and this story was like an emotional roller coaster, dousing me with angst post after post. It's one of the few times where I don't get mad at the author for killing a pre-Legacy Jacen.

Cem_Fel: (my padawan)

This was really wonderful, master

I like this epilouge, beecause it shows that there is always hope, Jacen might be dead, but Jaina has never lost him. It's so emotional and every word seems to fit in this that makes it really beautiful written.

The talk between the twins was impressing, it gives me a feeling about Jacen feelings, although you don't describe them and Jaina is so understandable, her behaviour says more than thousands words, she seems to be happy. Grayson is too cute, I like this little boy, although he is only in this last part for a few sentences.

So I can only say, that I enjoyed your story. It was really well.

Darth_Gangrenous: (my e-brother)

It was good to see things turn out happy in the end even though there was no miracle saving of Jacen.

Well done, sis.


It's so amusing that in fear of rabid J/Z and J/K fans... authors avoid writing in Jaina's lover if they can help it.


Perfect ending, Chilla.

I like how you showed that everything kept going even though Jacen died. And that he stayed with her was just sweet.

And I like that you didn't mention who the father was. That makes it easy for me to fit Jag into the role.


Indeed, it was very wise not to say who the father was. Rapid Shippers? Nawww..

I'm glad Jacen kept visiting. It was sad he wasn't able to end up with TK, although I almost think he's a better person never living to see NJO, DN or Legacy.

Good/Sad ending.


Woa this story was amazing! But but but Jacen!! So sad!

Nice ending though! I'll look forward to your next story!!

AzureAngel2 (my e-mum)

*has read it all now as requested and sits in the university libary with wet eyes!*

Thanks, sweetie. The epilog did help me to overcome my sorrow a bit. Death is indeed NOT the end. It is a pathway to another world & life, simply a door. And true love never dies.

DarthUncle (my e-father)

That was great! Your last chapter was very emotional, and sad, but it had to be, or it would have risked being cheesy. Well done; That epilogue was also very craftfull, sweet and realistic. Well, in a Star Wars world, anyway Death isn't the end is a very good message Thanks for the experience!


You killed Jacen!!!!!!!!! This story makes me want to cry!

Letter by AzureAngel2:

The end of chapter 6 was unevitable. Jaina had made the wrong decisions for too long, till there was only one solution for Jacen: to sacrifice himself to open the eyes of his beloved twin sister.
Like in Return of the Jedi before has the readiness to make sacrifices of a relative waken the one up, who had fallen to the Dark Side of the force. Here, in your story, the saved one didn’t die, but the saviour and it was not a twin fight through a third person’s actions.
Nevertheless, your variant mirrors real life: pain, insight, loss, moral conduct.
We all made the decision for the way of our destiny, but the people in our life leave traces…traces of love like Jacen in Jaina’s life. Through these people we get purified to better beings, cause their example touches us.
Because of that, I’m very proud of your ending of this unique fanfic. You were neither icky nor brutal. Your characters are believable and reasonable. Their doubts, questions – one can identify with it. It is a story I would have hoped to get from a few Star Wars novel authors. The acting characters are fully in the focus, not big battles or technical falderal, that goes over several pages. Therefore I like your stories in general. Plain and simple like Japanese Haikus, but still complex, full of meaning.
Your epilogue was like a soothing tissue. Death is only the beginning and can’t separate lovers (here: siblings). Jacen as a “forceghost”, a beautiful, round thing. Therefore, thank you, Theresa. - a homepage about Jaina Solo