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Jaina Solo
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*10 years later*

Jaina stood outside the great temple on Ossus with closed eyes, her face turned towards the sky and letting the sun warm her body.

“Hi Jasa.” She said, eyes opening.
“Jaya.” Her twin’s ghost replied smilingly.

“How sweet of you to visit your old sister again.”
Her forever young brother laughed at this.

“I’ve promised you to never leave you.” He said with a shrug.

“You haven’t broken your word.” Jaina assured him.

It was true, over the years she had gotten used to her brother’s blue-ghosty visits. He’d been there to offer advice every time she needed him and often it had saved her life to get warned by him.

“How is life as a ghost?” She asked.
Jacen chuckled. “As boring as ever.”
”So that’s the reason why you’re visiting me. My boring life is still more interesting than yours.” Jaina joked.
Her brother grinned.

Both twins smiled at this again, each smile of one of them the mirror image of the others.

“How’s Tenel Ka?” Jacen asked concerned.
“She’s okay. It helped her much that you’ve visited her.”

Jacen looked relieved at this, but his sister felt guilty again for the life she knew he could never have with Tenel Ka because he had died for her.

“Mum!” A voice interrupted the silence that hung between them.

That is the other reason why I’m visiting you. I just love that child of yours.” Jacen commented, watching with his sister the two figures that came from the direction of the temple to them.

Anakin smiled at the sight of his siblings. The little child at his side looked at his uncle’s ghost shyly.

The three years old boy had put his small fingers around Anakin’s little finger, but now loosed his grip and ran up to Jaina.

“Seems he isn’t shy when it comes to his mother.” Jacen commented, smiling proudly at his sister, who took her son in her arms and lifted him up.

“Gray, say hi.” Jaina whispered to her child.
“Hi, uncle Jacen.” The boy said, waving with one of his small hands.

Jaina kissed him, adoring her beautiful son, who had his father’s black hair. He looked back at her, his black eyes with the white around the iris shining at her, reminding her of a solar eclipse.

“Go to Daddy now?” He asked.
“Yes, sweetie. Go with uncle Anakin, I’ll follow you soon.”

Grayson nodded and she put him down.

“Come, Grayson.” Anakin smiled, obviously enjoying his new role.

Jaina turned back to her twin while the others left.

“I’m so proud of you.” Jacen beamed at her. “You’ve become stronger and wiser than I could have ever hoped to be.
I’m proud that I’ve saved your life and I’m even more proud of what you’ve become and all the love you give to your son.
I just want you to know this.”

“Oh Jacen!” Jaina whispered, wishing she could just once again embrace him.

“It’s okay, Jaina. If you’re happy, then I am, too. Remember, I am still your twin.” He smiled before his blue ghost vanished away, leaving her staring into the air where he’d been standing.

She felt someone looking at her and turned to the temple, seeing her son standing there with Anakin.

“Grayson…” She said thoughtfully.

Jacen… It echoed back.

They have the same smile… She thought, surprised she hadn’t realized it before. But that didn’t matter now.
She had a family waiting for her.

Waving happily, she ran after them. - a homepage about Jaina Solo