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Jaina Solo
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Chapter 6

Brakiss kissed her cheek softly and he let her go.

“I’ll join you later.” He said quietly.

Before she jumped down from the shadow academy’s docking bay into the jungle of Yavin IV under them, Jaina turned around and gave him a smile.
It was one of those smiles that didn’t reach the eyes.

In an eye blink, she had her lightsaber in her hand, but she didn’t ignite it yet.

The time for you will come. She thought, gently running her fingers over the cool metal.

Without flinching, she let herself drop over the edge. The force was with her, she felt it. It was around her, whispering to her.
She reached for it and felt the pure energy filling her body, slowing her fall down and letting her land softly on a clearing.

The darkness between the trees surrounding her seemed to watch her every move, but she didn’t care.

Whatever it is, I’m ready for it. She thought, raising her lightsaber to high guard and bringing it’s crimson red blade to life.
Dark red light from her saber fell on her face, just like she loved it the most.

My blade is darker than a normal red blade, darker than dark.
Just like I am.
She smiled amused.

Despite the warm and sunny whether, a cold winds blew over the clearing and played with her hair.

She allowed herself a satisfied smile. This world was after her fancy.

It shall be mine.

* * * * *

“Stick to the masters and don’t allow arrogance to lead you. This won’t be an easy fight, but with the light on our side, we won’t be lost.
May the force be with you.” Master Skywalker ended his speech and released them.

Only Jacen, Tenel Ka and Lowie stayed and came over to him.

Luke smiled and looked at them proudly.

He waved Lowie forwards and gave him something that Jacen and Tenel Ka couldn’t see cause Lowie’s back was blocking their sight.

Tenel Ka was the next. The Jedi Master gave her something with the words: “Receive this and may it serve you good.”

Jacen was left, standing there and looking confused. Even Tenel Ka’s grasp didn’t help him much.

He was glad when his uncle finally motioned him to step forward. At his friend’s side, Jacen immediately felt better, although it was hard to resist the urge to look to the side and catch a glimpse of that mysterious thing their master had given them.

His uncle pressed something in his hand. Jacen’s gaze fell on familiar form of a lightsaber. He looked at Luke unbelievingly.

“No, I can’t take this. I’m not ready yet.”
“You know all you need to know and besides, we don’t really have a choice.” Luke replied.
“It is only a training weapon, but it’ll do and you can build your own saber later.”

Jacen looked down again, still not convinced.

“Go now. They’ll be here soon.” Luke interrupted his thoughts.

Together, they left the Massassi Temple.

“Never forget, after all that she has gone through, she’s still your sister.” Luke said to Jacen when he left him.

While Luke, Tenel Ka and Lowie went to join the others, Jacen stayed at the landing platform in front of the temple and waited for his sister.

* * * * *

How I wish Zekk would be here. He’s more reliable than all other Dark Jedi. Jaina thought as she trekked through the shadowy jungle.
He’s the only one except Brakiss I trust enough to cover my back.

But her friend wasn’t there. He wasn’t a Dark Lord long enough to take part into a battle like this.

Behind her, the leaves were rustling and parted. Brakiss joined, also with ignited saber. Jaina didn’t slow down, she had known he would come.

“You reached him?” She asked without looking at him, carefully examining her surroundings.

“Yes, the Emperor knows of our attack.”
Jaina nodded.

“Had any duels yet?” Her new master asked.
“No. The Jedi are hiding from us.”
“Not all, it seems.” Brakiss corrected.

Then Jaina saw him. They left the jungle behind them and walked over to the lone figure in front of the giant temple.

Jacen, her twin.

* * * * *

Jacen had troubles to hide his shock at seeing his sister.

Force, she has grown up so much. I feel like a child compared to her.
His gaze swept over her dark clothes, the long, dark brown hair and the so matured face; so like his own but yet so unlike.
She looked four years older then when he’d last seen her.

And darker.

Jacen looked deep into her eyes, which had once been filled with joy, amusement and dreams, but couldn’t find any of it now.

Oh, my Jaina. What have they done to you? He thought.

* * * * *

Jaina looked at her brother full of spite. He had no power, he was weak.

She raised her lightsaber and waited for her brother to do the same. Brakiss stood at a safe distance behind her.

But Jacen didn’t ignite his saber.

“What are you waiting for?” She asked. “Let’s fight and see whose the better one of us. The better twin.”

With that, she stormed forwards and slashed diagonal at him. In the last moment, Jacen activated his own weapon and brought it’s blue blade between himself and her red’s.

“Can’t we talk about it?” He asked her while bringing his blade around and slashing at her.

“No. Why should we?”
“Cause we are still siblings.” Her twin replied calmly, his eyes looking sadly at her.

“Jaina, finish it now!” Brakiss called from behind.

Feeling new, dark power rising inside of her, Jaina did some rapid attacks and forced her brother back.
Jacen saw the gap she had opened in his defense at the same moment as he did, but Jacen force-leaped to the side before she could harm him.

Immediately, Jaina came after him and once again, the dance for life and death started.

On time, it was Jacen who pushed her back, then she was able to force him back. Neither of them had the upper hand for long; neither of them proved to be stronger.

Jaina got very angry about that and threw all her dark energy at him. Jacen was sent flying several meters backwards before he landed hard on the ground, his arms falling down weakly.
Jaina force-leaped to him and pointed her blade at his throat.

“Any last words before you die, twin?” She spit the last word out like a taunt.

Jacen coughed, but then looked straight in her eyes.
“I’m sorry for what you’ve become and what you’ve gone through, Jaya.” He said, using their childhood nickname.
“I should have been there to prevent that. I’m sorry.”

“I don’t need your pity.” She shouted at him, not wanting to hear his words. They were touching a part in her that she knew she shouldn’t have.

Unimpressed, Jacen continued: “You should know that whatever you do, I won’t hate you for it.” A tear rolled down his cheek.
“Cause I’m your brother and I’ll forever be.
You should know that whatever you do, my love will stay with you.
I love you.”

Jaina stared at him speechless, not seeing his tears or the lightsaber at his throat, but seeing the truth behind his words.

Deep down it her, something broke.

She had barely enough time to deactivate her lightsaber before she sank to the ground.

“Why?” She whispered, staring blankly at him.

Then memories floated over her.


Smiles. Laughter.
Tears. Dreams.

Faster and faster the pictures burnt their way through the darkness inside of her and pushed it away, replacing dark with light.

Smiles. Laughter. Tears. Dreams. Wishes.

The world was spinning around Jaina, bit still the memories didn’t stop.
And through it all, her brother’s voice echoed:

Cause I’m your twin and I love you for who you are.

Finally, her view cleared a bit, but it was already too late.

Brakiss rushed forwards, lightsaber aimed at her for a deathblow.

“NO!” Jacen screamed.

Gathering his last strength, he grabbed his lightsaber tighter and hurled himself over his sisters kneeling body.

Brakiss’ red blade went through his body without resistance.

Feeling his strength flowing away rapidly, Jacen raised his blue lightsaber.

“I won’t let you hurt you.” He whispered, before he cut Brakiss’ head off.
The Dark Master’s look of surprise was forever vanished from his face.

“Jasa!” Jaina screamed and hold him when he dropped down.

“Why have you done this for me? Why?” She screamed at him desperated.
Jacen only smiled at her.

He wished her could have hold that moment, laying in her arms and being reunited, but he couldn’t.
“Jaya, I got to go.” He looked at her pleadingly, hoping she would understand.
“No. I won’t let you go now that I’ve finally found you again.” His sister sobbed.

Slowly, Jacen lifted his hand and stroke her cheek. His hand dropped down again, wet from her tears.

“I have saved you from the demon inside of you, from your doom. That knowledge is all I need to know to find peace.” His smile slowly faded.

“No.” Jaina cried, squeezing him tightly. Tears streamed down her face, but Jacen didn’t have the power anymore to wipe them away.
“I don’t want you to become a blue-ghosty.”

She buried her face in his robe.

“Let me go.” Jacen whispered. “Let me find the peace I’ve been looking for for so long.”

Jaina was shaken by heavy sobs now, but somehow she collected the inner strength to look in his eyes.
She knew that she was losing him.

“Please don’t go. Don’t leave me.” She whispered.

Jacen tried to smile bravely, but he couldn’t. Only his eyes were smiling.
“I wish I could stay with you, but I can’t. I need to go now.
Don’t be afraid, I won’t leave you.”

“Please, don’t forget me.” Jaina sobbed before her voice cracked.

“I won’t.” Jacen promised with dwindling voice.

Jaina still held onto his body when he got lighter and lighter in her arms till he had entirely faded away. - a homepage about Jaina Solo