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Jaina Solo
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Jaina felt like drowning in grief. Although she was a couple with Kyp now, she could help feeling unhappy and weep for Anni. The loss of the young woman had hit her like a hammer right after the battle was over and she’d found time to rest. She still couldn’t believe how it had come to this. She’d been there, so close to her...

And now she stood in front of his door. Him, the only person she felt able to talk to. She wondered how she could have been so blind. He’d always been there for her, but when a talk with him could have comforted her or lightened her mood, she hadn’t wanted to. She had told herself to be strong, told herself she could do it without help.
She’d been wrong.

Taking a deep breath, she opened the door.

Jaina knew she was one of only two persons who never knocked at this door. But that was okay, she was always welcome here.

Entering Jacen’s small cabin deep inside the Ralroost, she suddenly wondered whether he’d ever felt alone here. It looked so empty. She remembered his room in the Massassi temple on Yavin 4. This one here was very different, missing all the animals her brother had used to keep.

Her twin sat on his bed and looked up at her. Apparently, he had known she’d come.

Without a word, Jaina sat down next to him and snuggled against him. Jacen only wrapped his arms around her and they sat still for an eternity. But inside their heads, they were re-establishing their twinbond; sharing their whole life with each other, all things they hadn’t talked about.

Jaina felt like they were finally whole again; one being in two bodies.

When they stood up again, they didn’t need to talk anymore.

“What does Uncle Luke want from me?” Jaina asked.
Jacen shrugged; it felt like she’d done it.

“You know it!” She accused him, but accepted that he wanted to keep this little secret. Obviously, he thought she’d be thrilled.

Well, then let’s see what he’s so excited about.


Jaina entered the docking bay where her uncle was waiting for her and immediately wished she could turn around and run away, only that Jacen was blocking the door behind her.

The hangar was perfectly clean and with just one single ships standing around. Only that the hangar wasn’t empty.
A huge crowed had gathered; most of them of members of the crew, but also many Jedi and Jaina’s family.

In the middle of the docking bay stood an X-Wing. Jaina recognized it as her uncles, with him standing on top of it.

It seemed like the ship was now functioning as some kind of stage.

Jacen activated his lightsaber and forced her to go further into the hangar. All other Jedi also drew their weapons and held them in front of them, standing at the sides of a way through the crowed, leading right to her uncle.

Steadying herself, Jaina walked calmly towards the X-Wing and stopped in front of it.

Luke Skywalker, founder of the New Jedi Order, raised his voice.

“This young woman standing in front of you has saved the life of many people; of our friends and relatives.
Here she stands now, one of us. She has gone through sorrow and grief, anger and hurt; just like all of us did during this cruel war.

But like us, she has survived it and came out even stronger than before.

Thanks to her, this ship was freed from the hands of the Vong, which turned the tide of the battle and led to our victory.
Ithor is save now, thanks to her fighting for the ones she loves, for our homes.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you, Jedi-Master Jaina Solo!”

Jaina felt heat on her cheeks, caused by all the pride and good wishes she could feel radiating from the people around her. In her uncles eyes she saw what she had to do.

Turning around to the crowed – no, her friends – she ignited her lightsaber. A thundering applause erupted.

The next minutes she spent with shaking hands, hugging friends and just being happy for a while.
Then she spotted the last person she’d expected to be here.

Between Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon and Colonel Gavin Darklighter stood a young woman and beamed at her.
Suddenly, all others didn’t matter anymore.

Jaina stormed forwards and threw her arms around the girl – Anni.

Her evidently very alive wingmate laughed and hugged her back.

Jaina had to fight back tears of happiness and only released her friend hesitantly after several minutes.

You’re alive!” She breathed.
“Seems so.” Anni laughed.

Gilad Pellaeon smiled at them.
“She had gone EV, but in the mess out there now one noticed it. Master Durron told us about it before he rushed off looking for you.” He explained.

The Jedi-Master came to Jaina’s side and laid an arm around her waist. She smiled up at him.

Anni whispered to her: “Your little brother Anakin is great. He has made it.”
“Made what?”

Colonel Darklighter answered her: “Made it into the Rouges.” He grinned. “Sorry. Now you’ll have him around every day.”


Almost nobody noticed the two figures sneaking away. Only Tenel Ka spotted them, but signaled them with a smile she would keep it to herself.

“Good girl.” Mara commented.
“You could learn a lesson from her.”

Luke rolled his eyes, walking at her side through now abandoned corridors.

“What have I done wrong now?” He sighed.

“You. Stole. My. Apprentice.” His wife glared at him angrily.
“By appointing her to Master- without even asking me!”

Ouch! When she looks like that, something very nasty for me is going to come... Luke thought desperated.

“But you could sooth me, of course.” Mara purred.

“I’ll do everything you want!” Luke screamed, just wishing she’d stop looking at him like that.

“Good!” Mara grinned triumphantly.

Both Masters had stopped walking, Luke shifting his weight from one foot to the other uneasily.

Mara Jade Skywalker, formerly known as the Emperor’s Right Hand, pointed with her index finger at her husband.

“I’ll choose the name of our child!” She announced.

Oh no! Of all the bad things...why this?
But Luke knew he had to accept it or Mara would turn very nasty.

Again, he sighed.

“Okay, what do you have in mind?”

“For a girl, I’d like Kunigunde.” Mara said proudly.

Kunigunde Skywalker?!
Luke stared at his wife like she’d just forced him to swallow a deathstar.

“Close your mouth, darling. It looks stupid and besides, I haven’t finished yet.” Mara said smoothly.

Wonder what comes next. It can’t possibly get worse...

“How about Friedbert for a boy? Now, that’s a good name, don’t you think so, Farmboy?”

Luke felt like throwing up. That wasn’t fair.

After a few minutes in awkward silence, he finally managed to speak again.

“Seriously, please!” He pleaded her.

“Jady Skywalker!” Mara prompted.

Luke rolled his eyes. And what comes next? Jaden Skywalker?

Mara opened her mouth to say something, but then closed it again. Surprised by herself, she said:


“I like Ben.”

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