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Jaina Solo
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Chapter 1

Jaina was just about to enter her X-Wing when she felt his presence. She turned around and her grin was answered by another one.

Kyp was leaning against the doorframe of the hangar bay, dressed in a dark brown robe. Ever since their first kiss, he didn’t wear black robes anymore. Jaina had figured it was probably a good sign, though she still thought that black matched his eye- and haircolor better.

He strolled over to her beamingly and she thought once again that he was the sun itself in her life.

Jaina reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck to kiss him softly before smiling at him again.

“I just wish they’d given us more time.”, Kyp whispered and pressed his lips on hers once again.

Jaina leaned her head on his shoulder and tried to burn this moment in his arm into her mind so it would never get lost.

“Me too.”, she mumbled into his coat.

But you’ll always be safe in my heart. I’ll carry you with me wherever I go., she sent him through their growing bond, now almost as strong as the one her uncle shared with her aunt.

I know. I just wish I could carry you with me as well, but since you stole my heart there is no place where I’d dare to keep such a beautiful thing.

Jaina grinned at his reply.

Go now, before you’ll make me kill your uncle for sending you away., Kyp’s voice gently whispered in her head. He winked and carefully loosened his grip around her waist.

“You sure you will be able to fight in these clothes?”, he said, looking at her flightsuit.

Jaina rolled her eyes.
“Durron, I’m not stupid! I own other clothes as well!”

She turned around quickly so he couldn’t see how she smiled nevertheless about how much he cared for her.

But the glare in her back told her that he knew just perfectly what she was thinking.

She turned around laughing and wrapped her arms around him again. Kyp buried his nose in her hair and closed his eyes.

* * *

“So, you are the Jedi-Master, aren’t you?”, Colonel Showolter asked her after she had landed and climbed out of her fighter, R2-D2 coming up behind her.

“Yes, I am Jedi-Master Jaina Solo.”

Jaina had to dodge a mouthful of warm coffee at her reply. Behind her, a now wet R2 tooted angrily.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me you would be the Master?”, Showolter complained.
“Anyway, it’s great to meet you. I’ve heard many stories about what you did at the battle of Ithor.”

I bet you did., Jaina thought dryly.
As far as she knew, the rumors about what had happened there covered every nonsense from scaring the Vong away by kissing them to showing them a holo of her aunt Mara Jade Skywalker in a very deadly mood.

No one except the Jedi and a few very high-ranked military officers knew what she’d done. They hadn’t made it public because no one would have believed them.
Therefore, Jaina was now often viewed as something like a secret superweapon. She didn’t really like it.

“So, where are they?”, she wanted to know.

Showolter let her to a building that looked like an office. He entered it through a sidedoor.
Inside, two women were sitting at a table and sipping their on caf. Jaina wondered whether she’d disturbed them right in their break.

She frowned at one of the women.

”Do I know you?”
“Belindi Kalenda.”, the woman introduced herself, also studying the other one closely.

“Ah! You worked with my father and my uncle once.”, Jaina exclaimed.

“Jaina Solo?”, Belindi asked surprised. After both Showolter and Jaina had nodded, she sqealed: “Wow, you’ve grown so much!”

Oh phantastically! One views me as a superweapon and the other one as a child., inwardly, Jaina rolled her eyes again.

* * *

A few hours later, Jaina was still trying to read the Yuuzhan Vong priestess. She knew this woman was somehow dangerous, but she didn’t know yet what her pet was. The bird-like creature, Vergere, was even harder to read, because Jaina’s mind seemed to simply slip through it. Luckily, Elan and Vergere had been separated. From the priestess Jaina could get at least a vague feeling through the force, something she could now after her victory over Ean Ku.

The young Jedi-Master leaned back on her seat and folded her hands. Somewhere in the back of her mind, a countdown started.


Elan, the priestess, was just saying: “I have come only to do good.”

Jaina could still feel how suspicious everyone around her was and she was grateful for it. She didn’t believe it either.

To Showolter, the women Kalenda and Eicroth also belonged a small man called Yintal. When Elan said that she had information about the mysterious disease Jaina’s aunt suffered from, he came closer to the priestess.


“What does a priestess know about diseases?”, he asked.


“It’s not a desease, it’s the reaction to coomb-spores.”
Elan stared right into Jaina’s eyes.
“She knows it! Ask her!”


A look from Jaina made everyone think different about it.


“Well, however…we need some more informations to know for sure that you’re trustworthy.”, Kalenda said, breaking the short but uncomfortable silence.


“What else could I tell you?”, Elan asked surprised.


“The name of the planet your fleet will attack next!”, Yintal demanded to know.


Elan was just about to answer when suddenly noises could be heard from the other room and cries in basic and honoghran.


All humans jumped up from their seats and watched as a man in the clothes of a spaceman came rushing in. He was bleeding from several cuts in his face.
The man pointed one finger at Elan and touched his face near the nose.

His ooglith-masquer started to pull away and he screamed in his own language while Elan pressed herself against the wall.


Jaina let herself fall deeper into the force and moved.

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