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Jaina Solo
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Chapter 2: Last of the Jedi

Go! , the word echoed through Jaina’s mind.

The Vong came rushing forwards while Elan hissed at him.

The force told Jaina exactly where she was needed, the right angle and the right power she needed for the blow.
In one blurry motion, she jumped up from her seat noiselessly and landed in the assassin’s way.

Her lightsaber flew into her hand and she activated it with the force,

Just one blow.

The Vong’s head fell onto the ground.

Everyone in the room stared at her while she shut down her weapon.

Jaina turned to them and said: “What? Did you really think I became a Jedi-Master for nothing?”
Calmly, she made her way to the door to check on the Noghris and Vergere.

Behind her, everyone but Elan, Showolter and Kalenda hadn’t recovered from their surprise yet.

Eicroth’s eyebrows had disappeared behind her hair and Yintal had problems shutting his mouth. Kalenda reached out with one hand and did it for him.

* * *

Vergere and her two Noghri guards were in her room and appeared to be fine.

Jaina tried again to read the bird’s mind, but failed. Vergere’s eyes stared directly back at hers.

She knows it! She knows what I’m doing – trying to do., Jaina corrected herself.

The young Jedi-Master motioned for the guards to leave them alone. After they had gone, she accused Vergere: “You are force-sensitive!”

“Of course I am. And so are you.”, Vergere replied calmly.

Slowly, Jaina got the feeling this bird was reading her mind and immediately steadied her mental shields.

“Why are you with the Vong?”, she wanted to know.

“Because I chose to.”

Suddenly, Jaina thought she could see another Vergere, one with a brown robe and a silver cylinder attached to her belt…
The vision widened and around Jaina, grey walls disappeared and turned into beautiful, illuminated sky. The ground faded into soft, light-green grass.

The sky was shining in all colors of the rainbow; but right in the middle hung a huge, menacing Yuuzhan Vong fleet, radiating darkness and death. The ships fired upon the planet, burning beautiful trees and destroying a world unlike everything Jaina had ever seen before.

Jaina blinked.

The planet….
She could feel a call from the planet, touching something inside of her and drawing her towards it. She could feel the wind in the grass and the leaves of the trees, the soft ripples of water and the fresh air at the top of the mountains.

The planet was whispering – and Jaina would follow.

* * *

She blinked once again and her surroundings turned to normal again. Jaina breathed heavily.

I must have held my breath…or maybe I wasn’t the only one.

Vergere was staring at her wide-eyed, she noticed.

“You were a Jedi once.”, Jaina whispered. The other one didn’t need to answer, they both knew the truth.

And Jaina also knew she’d have to let the other Jedi go. Not now, but soon. And then, Vergere would give her the cure for Mara’s disease. It was an unspoken agreement between the two women.

Not Elan was the key, Jaina realized. It had always been Vergere, last one of the old Jedi. - a homepage about Jaina Solo