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Jaina Solo
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Chapter 3: A Mistake

The day Jaina arrived on Wayland, Luke was having lunch with Mara, Han and Leia in his apartment on Coruscant. Everyone had been very busy the past days and so Leia had suggested having lunch together to get some time away from the stress.
Luke hadn’t been able to talk to anyone about the details of Jaina’s mission and he decided to break the news while eating.

“I’ve sent Jaina to Wayland because of a Yuuzhan Vong priestess who’s kept there and wants to get in touch with us. She claims she has a cure for your disease, Mara.”, Luke smiled fondly at his wife when he ended his sentences.

Mara poked in her nerf-steak. “You’ve considered that it could be trap for us Jedi?”, she asked, waving with her fork into his direction.

“Of course I have. That’s why I’ve sent Jaina. I believe she’ll be able to judge whether it’s a trap or not and warn us if it is.”

Suddenly, Luke noticed everyone was staring at him. Han’s fork had stopped midway to his mouth. Realization dawned Luke. He jumped up, throwing his chair down.

“I’m such an idiot!”, he exclaimed.

“You are.”, Mara agreed, putting her fork down and placing it neatly next to her plate.
“Sit!”, she ordered and turned her green eyes to him. “I’ll take care of that!”
The former agent rose and slipped into their bedroom.

Luke considered that. He had missed the fact that if it was a trap and Jaina would undisguised it, the Vong would realize she couldn’t fulfill her target of killing as many Jedi as possible and she would go for his niece.

“Wait!”, he called.
Mara came out of their bedroom with a nasty looking blaster rifle and some grenades. Luke briefly wondered where she had hidden them and what other things she had stored in their bedroom, but he rather didn’t want to know.

“What?”, Mara’s eyes flashed with anger. No one would keep her from protecting her family.

“You can’t go. If the Vong thinks she can only get Jaina, she’ll be thrilled when more Jedi show up and kill them as well.”

Han silently passed Luke and took Mara’s blaster rifle out of her hands. Mara and Han looked at each other for a brief second; exchanging unspoken words of faith with their eyes.

“Don’t worry.”, Han called back to Leia, who still sat at the table, staring at the wooden table and probably reaching for her daughter with the force.
“I’ll find our girl.”

With that, Han ran off to the hangar.

On the way, he ran across Anakin, his youngest son.
“Dad! I was wondering whether you could use one of these.” He held up an oxygen mask.

Han looked a bit bewildered, but grabbed the mask, thanked his son and continued walking.

Sitting on a cargo box in the docking bay was his other son, Jacen. Strangely, he looked like he’d been waiting for his father. He stretched his legs and jumped from the box, where he had been sitting next to Anni Capstan, Jaina’s other wingmate and Jag, a young man from which Han only knew that he was a good pilot and Wedge Antilles’ nephew.

“Hi Dad!”
He gave Han yet another oxygen mask and grinned the smile Han knew his son had stolen from him.

“That’s for Jaina.”, Jacen added when Han looked at him even more confused than before at Anakin.
The ex-smuggler looked into his son’s deep, brown eyes and wondered how much he knew about the future and in which way Jaina’s greater understanding of the force had influenced her twin.
Maybe they were so strongly connected that Jacen was already on the level of a Jedi-Master because his sister was so far – and no one knew of it yet.

Han shook his head to focus his mind on what he had to do. Whatever powers his son held or not held, he trusted him.

Grabbing the mask, he stopped dead when Anni and Jag jumped from the box as well and stepped up to him, Jag serious and Anni looking at the ground shyly.

Han sighed. The youth today was really odd. Stealing grins and then looking either innocent or grim.

“I was wondering….”, Anni shifted her weight from one leg to the other one uncomfortably, “….Jacen has told me Jaina’s probably in trouble….we are good friends…and since you have lost your partner…”, she trailed off.

“Get to the point, girl.”, Han told her, but added smilingly, “I won’t bite your head off.”

Anni smiled slightly back and asked: “Do you need a copilot? Or two?”

She’s in the Rogues, that has to be good for something. At least I know she’s a good pilot. Why not?, Han wondered.
And Jag can’t be that bad either. He’s Wedge’s nephew, after all.

“I have a few days of vacation right now. I’d wanted to go and see my family, but I won’t if I can be of any help for you in saving Jaina.”, Anni stated.
Han felt strangely touched by the way this young woman cared for his daughter.
He laid one arm across her shoulder and shoved her into the direction of the Falcon.

“Where’re you from?”, he asked Anni and Jag, who silently followed behind.
“Corellia.”, Anni replied, grinning.
“Csilla, but both of my parents are from Corellia.”, Jag answered.

“Nah, that makes you a Corellian as well. Okay, you two. Let’s blast some Vongs and show them they’ve made a big mistake with invading this galaxy.”

Brown eyes followed the Falcon as it took off.
Jacen Solo smiled to himself. He trusted Anni as much as his sister did. He was sure that with her help, his father would get his twin back home save. And he knew that Anni liked Jag very much; his sister had told him that. Maybe this small adventure would help them melting the ice between them. - a homepage about Jaina Solo