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Jaina Solo
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Chapter 4: Guardian

Jaina’s Dad turned out to be even cooler in reality than in the holovids Anni had seen so often. He was an awesome pilot – and very good at playing sabbacc.

Anni really enjoyed playing against him, mainly because in contrast to Jaina, Han wasn’t a Jedi and therefore it was more even.
Anni and Han spent most of the time the Falcon was in hyperspace on the way to Wayland playing together. Jag had lost most of the sabbacc games he had participated in and had given up after an hour. But sometimes later he returned to them and Han taught both of them some tricks.

An alarm chimed and indicated their return to real space.
Everyone rushed to the cockpit, Han dropping into the pilot’s chair.

Anni and Jag looked at each other, then at the copilot’s chair and back.

“You first.”, both offered at the same time.
Neither moved.

Suddenly, Anni grinned and let herself fall into the far too large seat. She playfully stuck her tongue out at him. Jag looked a bit baffled, but then took the seat behind them.

Before he turned around, Anni thought she had seen the corners of his mouth being slightly curved upwards, but she wasn’t sure.

And then they were already there.

* * *

“Wayland isn’t safe anymore. We need to get them somewhere else.”

“I agree with you, Master Solo.”, Showolter said. The incident with the assassin had made a huge impression on him. Not just Jaina’s handiwork, more that they had been found by the Vong so easily.

“Kalenda has talked to some members of the senate this morning.”, he continued, “We’ll bring them to Coruscant. We just need to be careful on the way. We’ll travel over Bilbringi, Jagga-Two and Candrila….”

“-What?”, Jaina disrupted him, her voice higher than usual.
“You seriously want to take them to our capital?!”

The memory of her first vision filled her mind again; a strong sense of danger and even fear about whatever trap Elan was.

“Master Skywalker has agreed to take her there; mainly because it will be much safer.”, Showolter hastily assured her.

That’s not good…, Jaina thought again. She couldn’t point her finger on what was bad, but she felt it had something to do with her vision.

“I’ve already told you that Elan is a trap. We Jedi won’t meet with her.”, she stated clearly.

Showolter sighed.
“Allright. You don’t have to.
Sadly, Intelligence still wants them for questioning. All they want from you now is to get her to Coruscant.”

“Master Skywalker has agreed to take her there…”

Jaina considered that. She knew she was the only one who had a good chance against any Vong. In a way, she had no choice. How could she refuse to help? How could she just let them go alone, with someone she knew was dangerous, maybe even deadly?

Finally, she nodded.

“Bilbringi?”, she asked, somehow feeling defeated.


* * *

“Where are they?”, Anni murmured frustrated.

They had been able to find the building the Vong priestess had been kept in, but it turned out to be empty.

Jag came back from checking the room the team around Major Showolter had used as a dining room.

“Anni, you know Jaina well. Where would she take them if she needed to keep them safe?”, he asked her.
“I dunno.”, she mumbled, a bit taken aback by his sudden interest in talking to her. She didn’t mind, though. Far from it; her heart started to beat faster.

“Maybe Yavin 4. But I guess that would be too much of a risk.
The only other place I know would be Corus-“

“-Hey, over here!”, Han shouted from a side room.

“What is it?”, Anni asked when she slithered around the corner into another all-grey room.

Boring. , was the first thing that crossed her mind.

Interesting. , was the second, after she saw what Han held in his hands.

A small piece of paper.

And a poem, written with pencil.

Danger is ahead of us
Aiming for the place we met last
I am the guardian
Of the wheel of love

“I don’t get it at all.”, Jag commented dryly. - a homepage about Jaina Solo