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Jaina Solo
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"I name you the Sword of the Jedi. You are like tempered steel, purposeful and razor-keen. Always you shall be in the front rank, a burning brand to your enemies, a brilliant fire to your friends.
Yours is a restless life and never shall you know peace, though you shall be blessed for the peace that you bring to others. Take comfort in the fact that, though you stand tall and alone, others take shelter in the shadow you cast."


Jaina Solo and her twin Jacen were born 9 years after the Battle of Yavin to Leia Organa Solo and Han Solo. At that time, Grandadmiral Thrawn hunted Leia to turn her force-sensitive children over to Joruus C'baoth, a mad Dark Jedi. However, Leia and Han could fight off Thrawn's Noghri kidnappers every time.

Jaina and Jacen, who was only 5 minutes younger than her, were send into hiding with Leia's friend Winter as a guardian, to make sure no harm could come to them. Therefore they were also seperated very often from their parents.

One and a half year after the twin's birth, their younger brother Anakin was born, named after his grandfather, Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader).

One one of the twin's visits to Coruscant, they got lost and eventually found themselves in Coruscant's undercity, but were returned to their mother, now Chief of State of the New Republic, by refugees that lived down there.

When the twins were 2 1/2, they traveled with their parents to Yavin IV, location of the Jedi Academy. At that time their twin bond, a bond in the force between the twins, had become so strong that they could constantly feel each others emotions and complete each other's sentences.
They learned at Yavin that their Uncle, Luke Skywalker, had fallen into a coma after being attacked by the spirit of Exar Kun.
It later turned out that the spirit of Luke had left his body after the attack and only Jaina and Jacen could see and hear him.
Together with their help, the other Jedi students were able to defeat Exar Kun.

When they were 5 years old, they were kidnapped together with their 3 1/2 years old brother Anakin by a Dark Jedi called Hethrir.
Leia, sensing that it had something to do with the Dark Side of the Force, temporarily abandoned her office as the Head of the State and raced off to find her children, even tracing them through hyperspace with the force.
Meanwhile, Jaina and Jacen caused some trouble to their kidnappers. They couldn't fight against Hethrir, so every time he was gone they annoyed his minions.
Jacen had developed a strong talent for handling animals and his sister was good with everything mechanic.
So Jacen sent small insects to bite Hethrir's men, while Jaina levitated sand into their clothes.
Hethrir left his base some time later with Anakin and Jaina used her multitool, which she had hidden before, to brake out of her cell and free her brother and every other kidnapped child that wanted to escape.
They fled from the base and were found by Leia before Hethrir's troops reacehd them.
Then, they took off to find and free Anakin.
One of the other kidnapped children was a Chironian girl named Lusa, with whom Jaina became friend and would later tarin with at the Academy. At 18 ABY, Jaina and her brothers discovered the planetary repulsor of Corellia during the first Corellia crisis. Some time later, they were captured by their cousin Thrackan Sal-Soloand placed in a force field. However, they could escape and Jaina even flew her father's ship, the Millenium Falcon, although she hadn't recieved any training as a pilot yet.

Jedi Training

At the age of 13, in 22 ABY, Jaina and Jacen attended Luke's Jedi Academy at Yavin IV and were trained in the ways of the Force.
They also became friends with the Hapan princess Tenel Ka, Raynar Thul and Chewbacca's nephew, Lowbacca.

One year later, Jaina, Jacen and Lowbacca were kidnapped again by a Dark Jedi, Brakiss, a former student of Luke's. He plaaned to turn them to the Dark Side and even made Jaina and Jacen fight each other. Both were disguised with hologram devices, making them think the other one was Darth Vader. They were shocked to find out the truth after the fight was over, but it proofed that none of them was better at lightsaber combat than the other one.
Tenel Ka and Luke had gained access to the Shadow Academy, the place were the twins were kept, in the meantime.
This time it was Jacen who escaped first and who freed his friends and they took off with their Uncle.

Jaina and Jacen's friend Zekk was later kidnapped by the Shadow Academy and turned, but Jaina redeemed him when he later attacked the Jedi Academy with the Shadow Academy's troops.

She had more adventures with her friends Jacen, Tenel Ka, Lowie, Raynar and Lusa later. (all of them in books I don't own...sorry)

Yuuzhan Vong War:

Jaina was 16 when the war broke out and joined the famous Rogue Squadron, thansk to her skills as a pilot.
She fought at several battles and lost her wingmate, Anni Capstan, at Ithor, what hurt her deeply.

It was at that time that she first met Jagged Fel and found herself being attracted to him more than she wanted to admit.

During a mission, Jaina momentarily lost her eyesight when she got to close to an exploding vessel. Though their twin bond had been almost completely been severed during the war, Jacen felt her pain lightyears away and collapsed.
Jaina was sent to him and her mother to Duro.

In the meantime, Han Solo was suffering from the loss of his longtime friend Chewbacca and left his family to grief.
Leia and Jaina also didn't get along very well. the seperation from her mother during her childhood bothered Jaina greatly and she accused her mother of toying with the Force.

Some time later, Jaina felt a brief attraction to the Jedi-Master Kyp Durron, although it faded after she discovered he had tricked her into destoying a Yuuzhan Vong worldship.

The Vong, worshipping pain and death, were aware of the fact that the Jedi were their greatest enemies on their conquest of the known galaxy. So they claimed they would stop their invasion if all Jedi were turned over to them, what worked fine on the scared population.
Jedi were hunted down and brought to them, where torture and death awaited them.

In 27 ABY, the Vong created creatures called Voxyn, who were able to detect force-sensitive being and hunted them, killing many Jedi in a short time.
Jaina's friend Lusa fell prey to one of them.

The Jedi Order gathered a strike team that had only one mission: to find and destroy the voxyn queen, the one from which the other voxyns had been cloned.

The team had 17 members, all of them Jedi. Those were:
- Anakin Solo
- Jacen Solo
- Jaina Solo
- Tenel Ka
- Zekk
- Raynar Thul
- Tahiri Veila
- Alema Rar
- Ganner Rhysode
- Tesar Sebatyne
- Tekli
- Lowbacca
- Jovan Drark
- Eryl Besa
- Bela Hara
- Krasov Hara
- Ulaha Kore

While Ganner acted as a decoy leader, Anakin was the real one. The team let themselves been captured by the Vong.
On their way to Myrkr, the home of the voxyn queen, they were tortured and Jaina had to decided which one of her brother was to be tortured. She choose against all logic arguments Anakin, even though it broke her heart. She surprised the Yuuzhan Vong commander through that, because they had expected her to pick Jacen. They knew that they were twins, but in the Yuuzhan Vong society, twins were rare, somewhat sacred and always killed each other.

The Jedi later took over the ship and landed on Myrkr. By the time they finally killed the voxyn queen, 6 Jedi had died, one of them Jaina's little brother Anakin.
He died as an hero and also saved Jaina's life, something she would never forget.
Jacen completed the mission while Jaina got Anakin's body, but Jacen was captured by the Vong and thought to be dead as well when he sent a goodbye through the Force later.


Short Bio:

Name: Jaina Solo
Born: 9 ABY
Homeworld: Coruscant

Height: ca. 1.49 meters
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown (NOT BLOND!!!)

Parents: Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo
Siblings: Jacen Solo, Anakin Solo

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel, Jedi-Knight


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After Anakin's death Jaina turned to the Dark Side in her grief. She believed Jacen to be dead and flew to Hapan after escaping from Myrkr. Kyp Durron and Jagged Fel continued with her to build a facade: That Jaina was the Vong Trickster Goddess, Yun-Harla, who had also a twin.

She developed new technology that they successfully used against the Vong, but bcame darker and darker as she sent more pilots to their death to test her devices.

Jaina was also part in a plot that Tenel Ka's grandmother had thought of. She wanted to make Jaina the new Queenmother of Hapan to have someone she could control. Therefore, Ta'a Chume assassinated Tenel Ka's mother and made plans for Jaina's wedding with Tenel Ka's father, Prince Isolder. Jaina, however, knew nothing of that.
Tenel Ka discovered her grandmother's plans and arrested her, finally taking the throne she had never wanted.

Jaina got closer to Jagged Fel at Hapan and moved on together with him and Kyp to Borleias, where she took part in the defense of the planet.

In a dogfight, Jaina almost lost Jag and against her orders, she saved his life. Later he asked her why she did this and she could only cry, because he had become more than a friend to her. She fell into his arms and kissed him.

From this moment on, they were a pair. Kyp also fell in love with Jaina later, but accepted that her heart belonged to Jag.

Still, it was Kyp who saved her from the Dark Side at Hapan and became something like a mentor for her, much like Mara Jade.

After some time, the Vong were convinced that Jaina was their trickster goddess and tried almost desperatedly to capture her and sacrifice her under great pain. No one succeded, though.

They were too keen on capturing her and made an easy target for others.

Jaina's time as Yun-Harla ended after Jacen returned from his captivity. It gave her the hope back she had long lost and now, she was finally able to think she could survive the war.

Unfortunately, her twin bond with Jacen was never rebuild.

Sword of the Jedi:

Jaina was officially appointed a Jedi-Knight on Mon Calamari by her uncle. It was at this ceremony when Luke Skywalker also proclaimed her the "Sword of the Jedi" (see quote at the top of this page). Those words would stay with Jaina for years.
At the battle of Ebaq 9, Jaina killed the Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster Tsavong Lah. The battle was the first victory of the New Republic against the Vong. Jaina was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, and the New Republic, under the leadership of Cal Omas, became the Galactic Alliance.

She fought on as a pilot and Jedi, also flying guard for her parents when they were on a diplomatic mission. During the Yuuzhan Vong war, the newly fromed Galactiv Alliance had lost contact with several systems. Jaina's parents set off in the Millenium Falcon to reestablish contact with several systems. Under the command of Jag Fel, Jaina and her Twin Suns squadron aided them.
On Galantos, home planet of the Fia, the Solos discovered that the Fia had made a deal with the Yuuzhan Vong: The Vong would eleminate the Yevetha, the agressive neighbors of the Fia, in exchange for resources. Yet the Fia did not realize that by resources the Vong meant Fia-slaves. Twin Sun squadron and their support vessel Pride of Selonia prevented that.
Next, the Solos traveled to Bakura. There, Jaina first met Luke and Mara's sponsor child, Malinza Thanas. The girl had just been arrested for leading an anti-Alliance group called "Freedom". Jaina forced her way into the prison to talk to Malinza. Suddenly, they discovered that Malinza's guards had disappeared. Malinza fled and took Jaina to the base of her group. The other members were suspicious of Jaina at first, especially after it was discovered that the police had followed them. As it turned out, there was a homing beacon attached to Malinza's clothes. Jaina offered her help, taking the beacon and leading the police away from the others. Yet her guide from the group turned on her and shot her. When Jaina woke up, she had to discover that she had become part of a conspiracy.
Deputy Prime Minister Harris planned to kill Malinza and make it appear as if Jaina had done so. He had also planted a bomb, which was to kill Jaina's parents and his political rivals during a ceremony. This ceremony was supposed to sacrate Bakura for the P'w'eck, a race formerly enslaved by the Ssi-Ruuk. Tahiri Veila, who had accompanied the Solos, prevented most of the damage which would have been done by the bomb. Jaina fought against Harris and the traitor from "Freedom". As it turned out, though, Prime Minister Cundertol was also involved in a conspiracy: The P'w'eck were in fact Ssi-Ruuk and planning an invasion of Bakura. Jaina fought against Cundertol and cut off his arm. it then turned out that Cundertol was a droid, only still bearing the soul of Cundertol.
Jag and the Twin Suns battled the Ssi-Ruuk in the sky, but were quickly captured. Only a real rebellion by the P'w'eck slaves turned the tide.
Last on their diplomatic trip, the Solos rushed to the help of Esfandia, an ice-world containing a HoloNet relay to the Unknown Region. It was under attack by the Vong. The Solos received unexpected help from the Empire. Twin Suns and the Selonia defended the planet, while Jaina's parents looked for the station, which had hidden itself. During most of the battle, Jaina was unconscious, force-melding with Tahiri, who was batteling her Yuuzhan Vong personality Riina. Jaina's help was vital in making Tahiri come to terms with both of her personalities and joining them to a single mind.
Later, Jaina traveled to the ground to defend the station in a ground battle.
In the meantime, Luke, Mara, Saba Sebatyne, Danni and Jaina's twin Jacen had traveled the Unknown Regions and found the living planet Zonama Sekot. This planet would help turn the war in favor of the Alliance. The groups' efforts also led to the Empire joining the Alliance.

At the battle to reclaim Coruscant from the Vong, Jaina entered the headquarter of the Vong with her twin and Luke to fight the Supreme Overlord.

Jaina's last appeareance as Yun-Harla was at the final battle against Omini, who was the secret supreme overlord of the Yuuzhan Vong. He thought her to be Yun-Harla and talked with her like she was really the goddess. She helped Jacen with defeating him, ending the war through the loss of the Vong's commanders.

The Alliance signed a peace treaty with the Vong and Jag asked Jaina to become his wife. She declined, because she felt she still had to sort through her life.


At the time of the Dark Nest Crisis, Jaina became a Joiner.
Having recieved a call from her friend Raynar, who had been thought to be dead after Myrkr, she traveled to the Unknown Regions with most of the other surviving Jedi from the Myrkr Strike Team.

Raynar had been absorbed by the nest of Killiks, some bug-like creatures and Jaina became one of them, too. She and her friends were able to read each other's emotions and thoughts permanently and aided the expanding nest when it came to a war with the Chiss.

It was the first time Jaina saw Jag again after the Yuuzhan Vong war, but this time they were enemies.

Jaina and Zekk were rescued by Jaina's parents and went into a reconditioning process that undid most of the Joiner effects, although they still shared a strong bond.

Legacy of the Force:

Jaina was assigned to capture the Prime Minister Aidel Saxan at the beginning of the Confederation-Galactic Alliance War. Her team consisted of the fellow Jedi Zekk, Kolir Hu'lya, and Thann Mithric.
But their target had been warned and turned out to be a decoy.

During the conflict with Corellia, Jaina unknowingly fought against both of her parents, who had sided with Corellia against the Alliance.

Jaina returned to active duty, now leading Rogue Squadron.
When Jacen ended up as her commanding officer and ordered her to fire on a civillian freighter, she refused and was removed by her brother from active duty to face court-martial.

Jaina watched her brother turn into a monster, but like her parents, she was helpless.

Jacen, who was the mentor of their cousin Ben, drifted over to the Dark Side, convinced that he could bring peace to the Galaxy after he had become a full Sith Lord.

Jaina gave Luke the advise to find a new mentor for Ben as soon as possible.
When Luke asked her about Jacen, she said that he would break her heart.

Jacen became the Joint-Chief-of-State of the Galactic Alliance.
The rest of the family watched him falling to the Dark Side of the Force, yet they all hoped he'd somehow still be their Jacen.
Suddenly, Mara Jade Skywalker, Jaina's aunt and mentor, was killed. Her murderer was assumed to be Lumiya. Luke set out to kill her and got dangerously close to the Dark Side.
Meanwhile, Ben got more and more convinced that Jacen was the real killer of his mother. He tried to assassinate Jacen, yet was captured and tortured by Jacen. Later, he was rescued by Luke, who then fought against Jacen. Luke and Ben escaped.
Jaina and Zekk tracked down and killed Alema, but GAG troops under Jacen's orders destroyed the Jedi Academy on Osuss and killed many Jedi.
The remaining Jedi fled from planet to planet until finally settling down in the Maw.


Becoming the Sword:
Jaina had to realize how much her brother had changed. She decided that it was neccessary to stop him - and she was the one to do it.
In order to learn the skills to become as strong as her brother in a fight, she traveled to Mandalore on her own and asked her father's nemesis, Boba Fett, to train her.
Over the course of the next weeks, Jaina learned to become unpredictable and a different Jaina, one her brother would not expect.
Still, some doubts remained in Jaina. Would she be ready to kill her own brother?
She found her answer when she talked to a Mandalorian who'd used to be a Jedi, Bardan Jusik. He told her that in her shoes, he'd kill Jacen out of love.
Later, Jaina and the Mandalorians took part in a battle against Jacen's forces and Jaina had to fight Tahiri. Jacen came to Tahiri's rescue and they both just barely escaped.
Another time, she confronted Jacen and cut off his hand, but again he managed to escape. Luke aided Jaina throughout the fight with the force and disguised her, so that Jacen was unaware that he had fought his sister.
From Luke, Jaina also learned the shatterpoint force technique.
Jacen managed to find the location of the Jedi base in the Maw and attacked it. Jaina and Zekk played an important role in luring Jacen's fleet into a trap.
After that, Jaina boarded Jacen's ship. She confronted Jacen, who had moments before killed Tenel Ka's father, Prince Isolder.
Jaina won the fight and ended up killing Jacen. His last thoughts were a warning to Tenel Ka to keep their daughter save. Jaina was found by Jag, holding Jacen's body in her arms.

Note: I did not read Inferno or Fury and I don't remember the Legacy of the Force series very clearly, so please let me know if parts of the bio are wrong. - a homepage about Jaina Solo