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~Welcome to Yun-Harla~

Just a small update. I have taught myself some basic html, only to discover that for the website I have in mind, I will need a layout in css. *sighs*
So a bit more to learn.
Also, Jules/Corellia, a cosplayer, has asked me to delete her photos from my site (I had asked her for permission before uploading them) since she isn't cosplaying anymore. I'm very sad about that because she was amazing. I hope that she'll return to it some day.
Well, that's it for now. See you all at a brand new site soon, hopefully.

Hey, ho!
I know it has been awfully quiet here lately, with no noteworthy updates in a while.
I have decided to move this website to a different host. Right now, I'm trying out the free hosting plan at weebly. In case that turns out exactly the way I want it to be, I will stay there.
If you'd like, you can go and check out from time to time.
See you around!

Hello everyone!
Yes, it's been an eternity without an update. I don't even know if I have any visitors anymore....
I thought I'd give you some new wallpapers as a Christmas gift. I've got some new Star Wars, Final Fantasy (VI, VIII, X, XIII) wallpapers and even one based on the music video of the song "Wonderful Life" by Hurts. Yes, there are 4 different versions of one wallpaper... xD There's also a new Final Fantasy XIII icon up. It's the improved version of an earlier one.
A little bit about my life: I finished High School this summer and moved to Berlin. I'm going to college there and studying "Japanese Studies". Yes, that does involve learning the language. It is a ton of fun and I'm really satisfied with my choice. I had a hard time deciding what I would do after High School. I'm very relieved it is going so well. I like the Japanese language, somehow.
Because I have my own apartment now, I also bought a new computer. My new one has a Full HD screen. Hence all of my wallpapers will be in Full HD resolution (1920x1080) from now on!
However, we're going to have a situation concerning this website. No, I'm not going to close it down. The thing is that I dislike the direction the novels are going lately and I haven't read any book after "Invincible". Therefore I have no clue what Jaina is up to and I can't update her bio and some other pages. I'll probably write some text based on Jaina's wookiepedia page. Yet it may not be 100% accurate though. I think you should know that.
Aaaaaanyways.....I think that was it. I wish you all a wonderful, blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

new Mara wallpaper

first HD wallpaper.......I love Final Fantasy XIII

Just a short update today since I'm very exhausted right now. I had a ten period day today and didn't get home until 5 PM.
I'm going to wait with uploading my latest wallpapers until I feel better. There are also a few things I still want to change about them.
So the only thing you're getting now is a new official Jaina image!!!!!!
It's from a book called "Essential Atlas", which seems to be a new version of the Essential Guide to Planets and Moons book. It's not the best quality image, but I don't know whether that's on purpose or if it's just a bad scan. Why Jaina would be in such a book.....heck don't ask me.
I've also uploaded a few more Jaina images to the gallery page. You know, back from the Young Jedi Knight era, some others that were still missing. Basically those that didn't look all too stupid. I've also got a sketch for the cover for Invincible up over there. And I've rearranged the entire page. It looks even less professional than before, but hopefully it is going to make loading that page a lot faster.
Anyways, here you go:


Hey everyone!
Just letting you know that we have two new, beautiful works of Jaina Solo fan art up at this site. It's by SvenjaLiv, who you may know already because her drawing of the Solo Children (with Han working on the Falcon and Jaina sitting next to him playing with a mini-X-Wing) is basically everywhere online.
Have a look at it and if you have a deviantart accont, make sure to leave her some nice comments! =)
Otherwise I've also heard that the cover of Fate of the Jedi: Backlash is going to have Jaina on the cover, but that turned out to be false. I looked the book up at wookiepedia and it already has a (remarkably ugly) image of Ben Skywalker as the cover....
I guess we can still hope for the Japanese Legacy of the Force covers or the next novels after Backlash....
I hope I'm not spoiling too much, but it also seems pretty dang obvious that Jaina is going to end up with a guy permanently in the non-too-distant Star Wars future.
Everything is pointing at Jag right now, with Kyp effectively out of the picture and Jaina's mind, and Zekk still missing, as far as I know.... far as my life goes, I've finally gotten around to taking driver's classes. I've been putting that off for a year. My Dad was always bugging me about it. Now he wants me to get to the actual driving part soon....*sigh*
I actually need to get ready for the theoretical class now.
So enjoy the new fan art!


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